Community Relations


WCTV is the city owned and operated television station of Wadsworth. During the year, community volunteers will provide over 20,000 hours of local programs highlighting the activities of the City on the channels of Public (15), Education (16) and Government (17).

The Wadsworth Older Adults Foundation has informational programs broadcasting throughout the year. First aired in 2009 as Prime Time, the series isnow called Prime Time: The Next Generation. The 24 programs are 30 minutes in length and feature special guests including government and center officials, foundation members, community supporters and our Professional Friends. Topics range from the popular Courtyard Café, travel series, website highlights, local social services and volunteer opportunities as well as the Soprema Café and the development of programming at the Center. The award-winning series is popular not only to the “seniors” but to our community as a whole.

Programs may be viewed at any time by going to and clicking on the program series Prime Time.

Speakers Bureau

The Wadsworth Older Adults Foundation has speakers available to talk about the Foundation for your organization. Presentations can be made to:

  • Church groups
  • Civic groups
  • Companies
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Garden clubs
  • Professional organizations
  • Schools
  • Social clubs
  • Support groups
  • Women’s clubs
  • Veterans’ organizations
  • And, many others…..

The Professional Friends of The Wadsworth Older Adults Foundation are also available to provide talks of senior related topics such as:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Senior Con Games
  • Malnutrition and Dehydration
  • Veteran’s Benefits
  • Safety in the Home
  • Caring for the Caregiver – The need for Respite

Many will customize their talks based on your specific interests.

Contact us to schedule a talk for your group or to discuss any senior care topic you would like us to present.


Wadsworth Intergenerational Technology Collaborative

The Wadsworth Older Adults Foundation (WOAF) is proud to support an initiative that links older adults and high school students through technology and lifelong learning. Nancy Likens, Director of the Soprema Senior Center, has been active in coordinating efforts to strengthen the collaborative, which includes representatives from the Soprema Senior Center, the Wadsworth Older Adults Foundation, Wadsworth Public Library and Wadsworth City Schools.

The goal of the Wadsworth Intergenerational Technology Collaborative is to design, implement and evaluate collaborative programs that effectively bring senior citizens together with youth to enhance quality of life in the greater Wadsworth community. A variety of innovative classes that introduce senior citizens to modern technology by utilizing the rich resource of computer and technology savvy high school students are offered at the new Soprema Senior Center.

The Schools have formed a student advisory committee that makes student participation in collaborative programs most efficient through peer leadership and recruitment. Students serve as youth mentors to teach older adults a variety of computer and technology skills. The Wadsworth Public Library also welcomes seniors and others that may be technologically hesitant to the library for the Connect Ohio classes that offer basic computer classes free of charge through federal grant support. The Library also serves as a source of technology-related information and support to the collaborative. The Wadsworth Older Adults Foundation provides generous financial support so that classes can be offered free of charge to senior citizens.

The Wadsworth Older Adults Foundation is eager to see intergenerational programming and best practice models unfold through the work being done with community collaborative partnerships.